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Maximize every dollar you spend on your product with the use of open source technology

Maximize every dollar you spend on your product with the use of open source technology

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    GpsyPro provides services such as component development, platform integration, testing and validation, profile enhancement, application development and maintenance

    We provide SERVICES in various field

    Full Stack Development

    GpsyPro offers full stack development expertise in the following areas:

    1. Responsive Web Design and Web Applications
    2. Cloud services
    3. Backend software development
    4. Front end
    5. Graphics
    6. UX

    Cross Platform Technologies

    We offers cross platform technology expertise in the following areas:

    1. Mobile TV applications for the most popular platforms iOS, Android, AppleTV, AndroidTV
    2. Automotive applications for Android Auto OS
    3. DRM integration and management for pay TV services
    4. Native, Cross-platform, Hybrid applications
    5. Rich content mobile games
    6. Live video streaming and media broadcast applications
    7. Location based games and solutions
    8. Industrial applications
    9. Smart watch and activity tracker applications for all platforms


    We Provide services in Android , Ios & Window. Below are the following services :-

    Android Offers

    1. Application Development
    2. IOT And Complex level Apps development
    3. Android Commercialization

    Ios Offers

    1. Application Development
    2. IOT & Complex level Apps Development

    Window Offers

    1. Windows Validation
    2. Operator Pack Integration
    3. Application Development and Porting

    Production Testing

    Tester Software Development

    1. Database solutions –commercial/GpsyPro solution
    2. NI Test Standtest solutions

    GpsyPro Tester Software

    1. Full Turn Key Solution
    2. Modular SW platform for HW testing
    3. Control interfaces for DUT and test equipment
    4. Interface for external database


    GpsyPro’s strength lies in the ability to develop complete firmware and applications for a wide range of host-based and real-time operating platforms. We offer firmware development both as part of the System-on-Chip (SoC) development as well as an independent service for various customers in the Automotive, Smart Device and Wearables and Semiconductor industries.



    1. UX & UI Design
    2. Application Software/Middle ware Development
    3. OS
    4. Board Support Package and Driver


    GpsyPro has played a pivotal role in enabling intelligent solutions for major industry verticals, be it operators, retail, automotive, industries or IoT centric global companies. We bring in new directions to how data is seen, analyzed and made actionable, implementing truly transformational insights.


    Our algorithmic capabilities place us in a prime position to provide our clients with predictive analytics and knowledge that can drive businesses like never experienced before. A combination of social data, industrial, mobility, and analytics enables our highly scalable and advanced analytics solutions to extract meaningful real-time insights, convert them into intelligent, automated actions and drive transformational decision making.


    GpsyPro’s Data and Analytics group focuses on:


    1. Advanced Analytics – Machine Data Analytics, Predictive and Context based Maintenance
    2. Real-time Data Ingestion and Integration
    3. Monolithic to Polyglot Migration
    4. Big Data Discovery Solutions
    5. Recommender systems leveraging Device Data


    We understands the engineering complexity in all major connectivity technologies and is the best partner to provide solutions right from driver development to validation.GpsyPro provides services such as component development, platform integration, testing and validation, profile enhancement, application development and maintenance and support in connectivity technologies.



    1. LTE
    2. USB
    3. ZigBee
    4. Wi-Fi
    5. Bluetooth


    Our Core Deliverable

    INDUSTRIES we serve

    We specialize in Semiconductors, Automotive, Enterprise Grade Devices, Smart Devices and Wearables, Public Safety, Satcom, Industrial and Retail.


    With a product development DNA, GpsyPro helps global leaders drive product development, commercialization, customization and maintenance. We specialize in verticals such as Semiconductors, Automotive, Enterprise Grade Devices, Smart Devices and Wearables, Public Safety, Satcom, Telecom, Industrial and Retail.

    • New Product Introduction/Derivatives
    • Productization and Commercialization
    • Management of end-of-life and Sustenance
    • Product Re-Engineering


    With the evolution of the smart device, internet, cloud and social elements, enterprises are externally able to engage better with customers and internally enhance process efficiencies. GpsyPro helps organizations tide through the digitization process using an exploratory approach that helps CIOs move from idealization to prototyping and eventual deployment of solutions.

    • Enterprise Mobility
    • Data and Analytics
    • Cloud
    • P2D


    Semiconductors have become sophisticated platforms that enable rapid product development that are catalyzing disruption. Semiconductor vendors must devise ways to obtain the expertise to manage complex software that changes much faster than the underlying silicon platforms.


    GpsyPro provides, its customers, the ability to integrate third-party solutions and perform extensive testing of the final product to ensure a zero-defect launch.

    • Silicon Verification and Validation
    • Platform and Application Software
    • Hardware Design
    • IC Design


    The Automotive industry is changing rapidly with consumers expecting a greater range of connected in-vehicle services. Consumers are demanding better sensory feedback, real-time information access and superior entertainment capabilities.


    Driving experience is the most important criterion that defines the growth of the automotive industry today. If the car breaks down on the highway, the car must be able to assess the problem and set up an emergency call. At the same time the driver experience behind the wheel must be safer, more personalized and more responsive than ever before.


    Thus, enhanced driving demands are compelling an industry-wide shift towards flexible solutions that are capable of supporting the consumer’s ever-connected lifestyle. GpsyPro delivers driver friendly software solutions in shorter time.

    • Multi-Domain Controller
    • Platform Development
    • Smart Mobility
    • Android IVI
    • Telematics
    • ADAS Validation Solution


    GpsyPro offerings in smart devices, tablets, and low power devices are based on our in depth understanding of product complexities in the entire Smart Devices and Wearables ecosystem. GpsyPro is enabling customers in health and fitness industry to build wearable devices equipped with cloud-based analytics along with industry best low power technologies such as sensors, connectivity and tracking solutions.

    • Hardware Design and Development
    • Embedded Software Development
    • Application Development
    • Device Data Analytics
    • Device and Platform Testing


    GpsyPro provides product design and development expertise on industrials for industrial wearables such as smart helmets, smart glasses, AR headsets, and ring scanners.


    These devices are used for barcode labeling, personal identification, and specialty printing principally in the manufacturing supply chain, retail, health care, and government sectors.

    • Hardware Design and Development
    • Embedded Software Development
    • Mobile Computing Accessories Development
    • Device Data Analytics
    • Device and Platform Testing
    • Mobility Solutions


    With consumers looking to save time, e-commerce platforms are gaining a significant edge over traditional retailers. The former offers recommendations based on browsing behavior, saved payments, one-day delivery, etc. by using the customer’s data. Yet, consumers like the ‘shopping experience’. The in-store experience of touching, feeling and buying something is expensive for an e-commerce store to create.


    Thus, this is compelling brick and mortar stores to compete aggressively with e-commerce players by using technology to provide superior in-store brand experiences and personalized customer service. It has become crucial for them to engage with their customers even in post-purchase stages to strengthen customer relationships, drive profitable growth and build competitive advantage.

    • Item Level Intelligence
    • In-Store Experience

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